Letter From The President



Each and every day we are reminded of the important role the Park District and our partners play in the lives of this community.
The potential impact of a successful partnership between park district’s, communities, schools and others is immense, with improved health, safety, social connectedness, fiscal responsibility, stewardship, shared resources and more, being possible outcomes of a very strong partnership.
This year culminated in the completion of a Year studycommissioned by the Arlington Heights Health Action Alliance --- a multi-agency partnership, formed in 2015 to identify and target the community aspects that influence the health and fitness levels of youth ages 10 – 14 years in an effort to prevent obesity and support active living.

So, how did we do in terms of our physical assets? Here are a few summary finding­s: 

  • AHPD has a great distribution of parks and facilities throughout the District.

  • Overall, 65% of 10-14 year olds have access to a neighborhood park within walking distance.

  • There are opportunities to increase walking/biking activity and reduce screen time.

  • AHPD has some areas that are unreachable independently by a child of this age group.

These findings are valuable to consider as we move forward with our capital planning efforts but in particular as a significant employer of our local youth.

  • Chances are that either you, or a family member or friend has worked for the Park District.  More than 62% of our employees live within the District. 

  • And we are extremely proud to provide important early work experience for younger adults in the area. In 2015, we employed over 1,200 people of which 59% were young adults under the age of 25.

As a community-based organization we are increasingly looking for partners with which to collaborate to address complex issues. Rest assured however, that our most important partner is YOU – our residents.  Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.


Maryfran H. Leno
Park Board President
Arlington Heights Park District

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