Rent a Garden Plot


Enthusiastic gardeners without a plot of their own can rent one from the Park District. Plots at Cypress Gardens are approximately 25’ x 30’ and are available to residents for $52 a season / $79 non-residents. Plots at Frontier Gardens are approximately 24’ x 25’ and are available to residents for $43 a season / $65 non-residents.

Plots available starting March 5th

*Proof of residency and the fee are required to register for a garden plot. One plot per family. 

Cypress Gardens, Cypress and Arlington Heights Road
Register at Pioneer Park, 500 S. Fernandez Ave., 847.577.3035
Frontier Park Gardens, North-end of Frontier Park
Register at Frontier Park, 1933 N. Kennicott, 847.577.3015

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