Adult Basketball Leagues


Adult_Basketball_104Register online for Men’s basketball leagues. Games are played on Thursday evenings at Camelot and Pioneer Gyms.

"A" Leagues
These leagues are for serious basketball teams whose main goal for the season is a winning record. Teams competing in these leagues should be the best in Arlington Heights.

"B" Leagues
These leagues are for the teams who look at basketball as a time to get out and enjoy a non-pressure game of basketball. While we realize everyone plays to win, the emphasis in these leagues should be on having fun.

Youth Basketball Leagues

The Youth Basketball League helps players learn and reinforce basketball skills and fundamentals. Team rosters are small so all players regardless of ability receive a maximum amount of playing time. Learning while having fun is the main objective of the program. The program is divided into separate grade levels. Volunteer coaches are needed. Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays. 

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