AHPD Dance

Cultural Arts Supervisor, Kyle Donahue
Cultural Arts Coordinator, Amy Braheny


Registration closed on Jan. 6 to participate in the Winter/Spring Dance Recital session due to costume ordering.  Please contact Kyle or Amy immediately to inquire about registration.




Valentine’s Day Parties: Feb. 11 – 17 
Parties for preschool and some youth classes will be held during class.  We kindly ask that if you choose to bring a treat to distribute that you bring enough treats for every child in the class.  Please DO NOT bring treats with nutsWe encourage you to bring healthy snacks/treats.  Please bring a bag with your dancer’s name on it to collect the treats and cards.

Spring Break (no classes): March 27- April 1


It is very important that dancers attend class on a regular basis.  Dancers missing more than three (3) classes without contacting the supervisor or instructor may be asked not to perform in the recital and no refund will be given for costumes.  Missing six (6) classes with or without contacting the supervisor or instructor may also result in removal from the recital without a costume refund.  The last two (2) classes before the recital are mandatory in order to perform at recital.

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