Water Exercise

waterThis popular form of exercise is great for anyone looking to get a good workout without the aching and soreness. The buoyancy and resistance of the water allows participants to work hard without the pain. All classes include muscle strengthening exercises and an aerobic workout. Our instructors have professional certifications through the AEA, SCW, The Arthritis Foundation®, and more. Water exercise is offered in both shallow and deep water, but participants do not need to know how to swim. Hydro-Fit equipment is used in all classes and flotation belts are worn in the deep water.

Water Exercise punch passes are available for purchase at Olympic Indoor Swim Center during regular business hours. Each punchis good for one class and can be used at any class shown below. Punch passes are good for 6 months from purchase date. This date will not be extended & refunds will not be issued for unused punches. Classes failing to meet a minimum of 9 participants on a consistent basis after a two week period are subject to cancellation.

If you are not sure if this form of exercise is for you, then come on out a try a free class on us (new participants only, limit one per person).

Water Exercise Punch Pass Fees

Daily Drop-in Fee is $7.50 per class. Classes are 60 minutes long. (Arthritis class is 45 minutes of class time plus 15 minutes of free swim)

5 punches: $34.00

10 punches: $64.00

20 punches: $124.00

30 punches: $175.00


Class Descriptions

Deep Water Exercise

A cardiovascular and strength training workout in the diving well (12 feet deep). Required Hydro-Fit flotation equipment is provided.

Shallow Water Exercise

A cardiovascular and strength training workout in the lap pool. Water should be at least waist high but below the chest. Aquatic shoes are recommended but not provided.

Arthritis Water Exercise

The Park District, along with the Arthritis Foundation®, provides this class which is designed to meet the special needs of those with arthritis and other limitations. All instructors for this class are certified though the Arthritis Foundation's® Aquatic Program. Participants of this class are invited to stay until the end of Senior Swim for open swim (AFA limits class time to 45 minutes).

Winter 2017 Schedule

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