FV Junior Match Play

Here is what we're serving up for our junior players

At Forest View Racquet and Fitness Club our Junior Tennis players are able to grow and develop through our Junior Lesson Progression. Players learn, develop and strengthen their tennis skills through a combination of lesson and matchplay giving them an opportunity to be a part of the Forest View Academy Program.


Junior Development Program

Junior Development is the second phase of the Forest View junior lesson program. This phase of the program is geared toward beginner and advanced beginner players ages 10 to 14.  The focus of training is on technical skill development in preparation for future competitive play. 

Level I: 

10 to 13 year old beginners with little or no tennis experience.  An introduction to stroke production and the basic rules of tennis. 

Level II: 

10 to 13 year old advanced beginners.  Players should be able to sustain slow to moderate rallies and have basic service motion. 

Level III:

11 to 14 year old beginner and advanced beginner level players.  This level is appropriate for young athletes new to tennis, as well as those with limited experience looking for a review of fundamentals. 

The Academy Program

Forest View is proud to offer the Academy Program for competitive junior players. Learning perfect strokes is a worthy goal, but only if they can help you win the point. Tennis cannot be learned in a classroom, so students in the Academy Program should expect to hit more than listen. Competitive experiences are not the test of your achievement. They are simply part of the process of learning to compete. The focus of training in the Academy Program will be on teaching players how to apply their individual skills to various levels of competition.

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