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Tiny Tot Taekwondo

This program teaches the martial art of Taekwondo using age appropriate training methods that help children develop coordination, balance and agility while improving their Taekwondo technique. This class will also help improve the students' cardiovascular stamina and total body strength. Master Ripp teaches with a strong emphasis on self-discipline and self-confidence. Stranger avoidance and habits that promote safety are also stressed in every lesson.

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Young Masters Taekwondo

This program covers the components of the Tiny Tot program, including: improving the students' coordination, balance, agility, endurance and strength. Young Masters brings the training to a higher level helping each child develop as a martial artist and athlete. The students will be taught a strong work ethic and how to work toward goals. Master Ripp always places importance on both athletic and academic success.

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Adult Taekwondo

It's never too late to start martial arts training. Taekwondo is a mind-body discipline, which will help develop mental fitness, physical fitness and self-confidence. Master Ripp teaches striking, kicking, stance and forms in every class. Students will have the option to test for belt advancement and to participate in controlled contact sparring. Using this martial art for self-defense will also be covered.

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