Rehiring a Former Employee

When rehiring a former full-time employee, the hiring supervisor must check with the superintendent of human resources to make sure the individual is eligible for re-hire. Former employees who did not leave the District in good standing may not be rehired.
When rehiring a former part-time or seasonal employee, the hiring supervisor may request reinstatement if he or she knows that the former employee left the District in good standing. If the former employee has not been gone more than 120 days, the hiring supervisor can submit the Request to Reinstate Former Employee Form (below) to reactivate the employee.  New hire paperwork must be completed if the former employee has not worked in more than 120 days, because the state of Ililnois requires the District to report as new hires anyone who have not worked in more than 120 days.

This form is used to reinstate a former employee. When this form is received, HR will check how long the employee's break in active service was. If the break in service was between 120 days and one calendar year from their last day of work, a New Hire/Re-hire form will be sent to the employee to complete. The completed New Hire/Re-hire form can be turned in to the hiring manager to complete the job and pay information before forwarding the form to HR for processing. If the employee has not actively worked in one year or longer, HR will send the re-hire a full new hire packet to complete. The re-hire will then need to meet with an HR representative at the Administration Center to review the completed new hire paperwork.

Please complete and submit a Job Assignment Form to add any additional jobs and pay rates to this re-hired/reactivated employee. 


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