Capital Improvements


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The capital budget authorizes and provides the basis for control of expenditures for the acquisition of significant Park District assets and construction of all capital facilities. The Arlington Heights Park District develops and annually updates a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Capital Budget appropriations lapse at the end of the fiscal year, however, they are re-budgeted until the project is complete. As capital improvement projects are completed, the operations of these facilities are funded in the operating budget. Learn more about funding sources.

Capital Improvement Project Guidelines

The project must:

  • Have a monetary value of at least $20,000
  • Have a life of at least three years
  • Result in the creation of a fixed asset, or the revitalization of a fixed asset

Included within the above definition of a capital project are the following items:

  • Construction of new facilities
  • Remodeling or expansion of existing facilities
  • Purchase, improvement and development of land
  • Operating equipment and machinery for new or expanded facilities
  • Planning and engineering costs related to specific capital improvements

The Arlington Heights Park District prides itself on engaging the community throughout its Capital Improvements Plan process. Whether it’s the replacement of a playground or the development of a renovated or new facility, residents are invited and encouraged to provide their input and comments. The Park District proactively notifies residents by letters and signage when meetings are scheduled to discuss improvements planned at "their" neighborhood park.

Community input meetings offer residents the chance to review proposed plans, meet the architects and to offer their ideas for improvements as well as to discuss the types of amenities offered at their park. View the Capital Improvement Plan.

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