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Concrete Improvements 2012 Project In Progress

October 3, 2012 02:08 PM

Expect minor pathway closures at this time. The estimated timeline for completion is approximately two weeks. The contractor is scheduled to begin work on October 3rd at Patriots Park. Check our Capital Improvements page for frequent status updates.

This project includes: Fesival Park- path replacement, Klehm Park- basketball court access, Patriots Park- shelter pad & surrounding walk replacement, Windsor Parkway Rose Garden- ADA access at pavers, Sunset Meadows- bench pad at Bocce/Baggo courts and ADA ramp access of of New Wilke Lot, Lake Arlington- (4) bench pads, Administration Center- North entry access, Greenbrier (east) Park ballfield- player & patron benches, bleacher pads, and Heritage Tennis Club- minor path replacement. 

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