Fitness, Seniors Preschool/Camps, Museum, Cultural Arts & CAP

The CAP, Preschool/Day Camp, Fitness, Cultural Arts, Musuem and Seniors Division provides a variety of athletic programs and opportunities at several locations.  The Division Manager of Recreation and Programs oversees operations of this division and works with the other department managers in a cooperative effort to maximize the efficiency of the Recreation and Program Department.

CAP (Children at Play)

The CAP program is a before and after school recreation program for children attending the elementary schools in School District 25, Juliette Low School in School District 59, and Poe and Riley Schools in School District 21.

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Cultural Arts

The primary goal of the Cultural Arts programming is to provide ongoing, progressive, and creative programs, as well as to encourage participation in each program area for all segments of the community. Additional objectives are to promote cooperation with various community organizations, school districts, and individuals relative to the area of cultural arts.

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Preschool/Day Camps

Preschool programs are held at the five community centers and Olympic Indoor Swim Center on a year round seasonal basis.  General preschool programs are offered for children three months through five years of age.  Park District camp programs for children in grades 1-5 include Sunny Meadows, Arlington Adventure, and Camp Arlington.  Kaleidoscope Camp is offered for children 3-7.

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Health and fitness classes vary in type and difficulty and include high and low impact aerobics, group power, early bird, and step programs.

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Arlington Heights Historical Museum

The Park District Museum program provides a broad spectrum of programs, activities and services relative to the needs and desires of the Arlington Heights community in cooperation with the Village of Arlington Heights, Arlington Heights Memorial Library, and the Arlington Heights Historical Society.

The Park District’s responsibility is to provide operation of comprehensive historical programs and events at the Museum. A full-time administrator coordinates the programs, services, facilities, staff, and volunteers.



At the Arlington Heights Senior Center, active older adults have the opportunity to exercise, play bridge, participate in a variety of art and/or dance classes, and tour the tri-state region. The Senior Center is a cooperative venture between the Village of Arlington Heights, Park District and six other agencies that provide service to older adult citizens of the community.

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Contact Info

Kristy McCann
Superintendent of Recreation Programs
410 N Arlington Heights Road
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Phone: 847-506-7131
Fax: 847-506-2735

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