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Mission Statement

Envirogroup's purpose is to help set a high standard of leadership and competency in the promotion and incorporation of sound environmental practices and lifestyles. 

Why work with the Envirogroup?

The Envirogroup has supported several community-led park projects spanning across many of our neighborhood parks.  We are guided by a commitment to conservation and volunteerism, dedicated to raising awareness in the community and in our neighborhoods, and fueled by a culture of service.

We believe that conservation and environmentalism is a shared responsibility and is best guided by community organizations, citizens, and volunteers who are most acutely attuned to the needs of their neighborhoods and community.

Success Stories

Below is a list of completed projects and initiatives:

  • Spring 2016 Electronics Recycling Event netted 1,400+ pounds of electronics!
  • Winter 2016 Shoes & Food Drive proceeds went to local food pantries and Share Your Soles non-profit organization!
  • Make A Difference Day 2017 gifted suitcases to Journeys, Children's Home & Aid and the Lawrence Hall Foundation!
  • Spring and Summer 2018 there were several opportunities for the community to build bird houses, restore the shore at Lake Terramere, remove the invasive Teasel plant at Lake Arlington and install a Pollinator Garden at Heritage Park.
  • Spring and Summer 2019 saw more Build A Bird House classes, pollinator garden installation at Lake Arlington, attendance/demonstrations at various environmental events within the park district, and national recognition certifying our Pollinator Gardens as official Monarch Waystations.

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