Athletic Field Rentals

The Park District has a variety of athletic fields available for rent. To search for a specific type of field, or for the types of fields at a specific park, please use the Parks & Facility Locator page and filter for a specific feature, like a Ball Field, or for a location, like Pioneer Park. You may also click below for some quick links. 

All renters must comply with current Park District, regional, and federal Covid-19 guidelines, including all guidelines related to a particular sport. As guidelines change, so may the terms of a rental.
Some athletic facilities are not reserved through the Athletics Department. Click on the links below if you are interested in reserving the following facilities:

Do you need a permit for your event?

If you are visiting your local park and would like to use an athletic field, you are welcome to do so. However, the following uses require a permit:

  • Events with 25+ attendees.
  • Commercial use (whether for-profit or not-for-profit) regardless of the number of participants.
  • Activities which require the exclusive use of a field.
  • Activities that require lights or field preparation.
  • Activities at locations with scheduled programs.
  • Events with participants or items that require the approval of the Park Board or Directors or additional insurance.



Click the link below to download an application and submit it to the appropriate supervisor within the Athletics Department.


Rental Application and Instructions



Fees vary depending on the type of event planned, the residency status of the renter, the length of the rental, the size of the field, and whether or not lights are required for the event. An application is required for a price quote.

  • All rates are hourly, and we rent fields in 2-hour time blocks. Discounts are available if you are renting the same field for more than three dates in a season.
  • Some athletic fields have lights. An additional fee of $20 per hour, per field, will be added for light use.

Cross Country Meets at Melas Park

Your organization may reserve the open park space outside of the Melas Park ball diamond complex (not including the west soccer field) for Cross Country meets. Any part of the meet that takes place outside the normal operating hours of the ball diamond complex will not include on site staff, concessions, or indoor washrooms.

Please note that the Arlington Heights Park District rents the area of Melas Park to the west of the Central Road driveway entrance. If you are interested in using the area to east of the driveway, please contact the Mount Prospect Park District.


  < 300 attending 301-750 attending 750+ attending
Resident $105 $355 $605
Non-resident $205 $455 $705
Commercial $305 $555 $805


  • Rentals for 301-750 attendees include two port-o-let units.
  • Rentals for 750+ people attendees include four port-o-let units.

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