Parks, Pavilions, and Picnic Groves

Amenities and Policies

Grilling: Gas and charcoal grilling is allowed at the following parks:

Park Picnic site Restrooms
Camelot 40 person shelter indoor
Centennial 12 person shelter seasonal port-o-let
Frontier 40 person shelter indoor washroom / seasonal port-o-let
Hickory Meadows 40 person shelter none
Lake Arlington no shelter indoor washroom / seasonal port-o-let
Patriots 40 person shelter seasonal port-o-let
Recreation no shelter indoor washroom / seasonal port-o-let
Sunset Meadows 40 person shelter indoor washroom / seasonal port-o-let

 *Indoor washrooms are only accessible during normal building hours. Port-o-let unit seasons vary, and additional units may be rented for a fee.

  • Grilling is allowed May 1st through November 1st.
  • Grilling may begin at 9 am and must be cleaned up by 8 pm.
  • Users must supply their own grill and necessary supplies.
  • Grilling is only allowed on the concrete or asphalt grill pad.
  • Grill contents must be completely extinguished, cooled, and placed in the provided container.
  • Proper care must be taken to ensure the safety of all park users.
  • All incidents regarding grilling will be the responsibility of the grilling party.

Alcohol: Alcohol use is prohibited in all outdoor parks.

Smoking and smokeless tobacco use: Smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco products are prohibited in all Park District buildings and fenced areas and within 50 feet of playgrounds, shelters, and outdoor athletic facilities and fields.

Fireworks, firearms, and explosive materials: All are prohibited on Park District property.

Tents and inflatables: Stakes or sandbags are required to secure all inflatables and any tents larger than 10' x 10'. When using staked tents or staked inflatables, include with your application a map illustrating precisely the area(s) to be staked. You must also schedule a survey of the area(s) to be staked with J.U.L.I.E., and provide the dig number to the Park District prior to your event. View the J.U.L.I.E. website.

A Certificate of Additional Insurance is required for all staked tents and all inflatables.

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