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Outdoor lap pool

2024 Outdoor Pool Information

2024 Outdoor Pool Information

  • All five outdoor pools and ARC will be open summer 2024
  • There will be morning wading pools at several locations
  • There will be concession services at the outdoor pools

Outdoor Pool Schedules Purchase Pool Passes 

When it comes to fun at AHPD pools you have options.

Step 1: Determine type of pass you need

• Summer 2024 Pool Pass – Swim all summer long

• Annual SPLASHpass – Swim all year long

• PLUSpass – Swim and Fitness all year long

Step 2: Determine who will use it

• Individual

• 2-Person

• Family

Step 3: Payment options

• Summer only pass is a one time fee and can be purchased online or in-person.

• Annual SPLASHpass and PLUSpass can be paid in full or by monthly payment plan and both are a 12-month commitment. Must be purchased in-person.

Summer 2024 Pool Pass Pricing

Good for admission to all six pools May 25 to September 2, 2024. Water exercise classes are not included.

Pricing is Resident/Non-Resident.  Click the pass name to purchase on-line. Summer Pool Passes are Non-Refundable.

Family 2-Person Individual
Early Bird, starts April 1 $229/$331 $167/$241 $131/$190
Beginning June 5 $241/$346 $176/$252 $138/$199

PLUSpass Pricing

Good for admission to all six pools, ARC fitness center, open gyms, indoor tracks, all group fitness classes and water exercise classes.

Pricing is Resident/Non-Resident. PLUSpasses are only available for purchase in-person at ARC, Camelot and Pioneer Community Centers.

Family 2-Person Individual
Annual $984/$1,283 $846/$1,098 $541/$811
Payment Plan (per month) $84/$111 $73/$94 $48/$71

SPLASHpass Pricing

Good for admission to all six pools, open gyms, indoor tracks and all water exercise classes.

Pricing is Resident/Non-Resident. SPLASHpasses are only available for purchase in-person at ARC, Camelot and Pioneer Community Centers.

Family 2-Person Individual
Annual $347/$520 $250/$374 $208/$312
Payment Plan (per month) $32/$46 $23/$34 $20/$30

Membership Cards

All members will need to have their picture taken to receive their membership card. This can be done at ARC, Camelot or Pioneer Community Centers during office hours, which may differ from pool hours.

Care Giver Passes

Perfect for your childcare provider, grandparents, etc.  One per household, purchased with any family Splash/Plus/Summer Pass.

• Annual R/NR Fees: $84/$110

• Summer Only R/NR Fees: $43/$59

Available for purchase in-person during regular business hours at Camelot and Pioneer Community Centers and the Arlington Ridge Center.

Caregivers will receive a picture pass (which must be presented when accompanying the child to the pool for admission). Call 847.577.3025 for more information.

Daily Admission

Daily admission fees apply unless participant has a valid pass. Even if you are not swimming, you need to pay the admission fee. We must be in compliance with strict bather loads as set by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Pool pass swiping and daily admissions ensures we accurately remain in compliance with bather load limits.

Pay daily admission for all open swim and lap swim sessions:

Morning Wade (M-TH only): $5/$7 (R/NR)

Does not include admission during the afternoon or evening session

Open Swim/Lap Swim: $10/$15 (R/NR)

Does not include re-admission during the evening session

Evening Swim: $7/$10 (R/NR)

Evening Swim (After 6PM) R$7/NR$10

Guest Passes

Bring your out of town guests to the pool with you! Residents may purchase a pack of 10 swim coupons for $90. Coupon books may be purchased during regular business hours at Camelot and Pioneer community centers and the Arlington Ridge Center. They are nonrefundable and must be used by May 2025.

You will need the physical card with your picture on it for admission with your membership. Cards are used to swipe in. Picture cards can be picked up at ARC, Camelot, or Pioneer.

Proof of Residency

  • Proof of Arlington Heights residency must be shown to qualify for resident rates.  If you have a current on-line account and are a resident, your residency has already been verified.
  • If you are a first time resident user of our on-line system, you will need to come in person to have your residency verified. FAQ page for more information.
  • All users must show a valid pass or pay a daily fee.
  • Daily admission fees apply to adult swim times unless participant has a valid pool pass.
  • Everyone entering the pool must have a pool pass or have paid a daily fee, whether they are swimming or not. View children information below.
  • We do have reciprocal agreements with Rolling Meadows and Buffalo Grove for passes at resident rates. Those reciprocal passes must be purchased in person. See the guest services desk hours below.

Children Admission

  • Children under 9 years old must be accompanied by a responsible person age 14 or older.
  • Children age 24 months and under are free.
  • The Illinois State Pool code requires that all children who are not toilet trained wear tight fitting rubber or plastic pants.
  • Only Huggies Little Swimmers are acceptable when worn without rubber pants. Children not wearing rubber/plastic pants or Huggies will not be allowed in the water.

Pool Closing Policy

The following conditions may warrant closing of the pool.

  • Severe Weather: Staff will always proceed with caution for participant and staff safety.
  • Cool Weather/Low Attendance: If weather is cool, and/or attendance is low, the pool may close. If air temperature is less than 68 degrees a pool may close or not open. If less than 10 swimmers for an hour, the pool may close.
  • Fecal Accidents: Staff will follow rules established by the State of Illinois when determining how long the pool needs to be closed after a fecal or vomit accident.
  • Mechanical Problems.

Guest Services Desk Hours:

ARC hours: Monday – Thursday 5:30 am to 9 pm, Friday 5:30 am to 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 7:30 am to 5 pm.

Camelot and Pioneer hours: Monday – Friday 9 am to 5 pm, and Saturday 9 am to 12 noon.

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