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5/14/2021 12:30:00 PM
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Employment Questions

Questions & Answers

What jobs do you have for 14- and 15-year-olds?

14-year-olds can be employed as soccer referees, and 15-year-olds can be employed as soccer referees or lifeguards.  Please note you must be 14 or 15 years old by your first day of work.

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I'm a very responsible 15-year-old, so why can't I be a cashier or work in concessions?

Some jobs in the Park District do have minimum age requirements. For example, child labor laws prohibit anyone younger than age 18 from working in our Park Department because of the equipment these workers use. Once an applicant reaches age 16, s/he can apply for most park district jobs. 

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Are you hiring? How do I know what jobs are available at the Park District?

Our available jobs are posted on our website in the Jobs section.  Our job information is updated regularly and has all of our current vacancies posted.

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Why do I have to apply for a job online?

The Park District uses an online job application because it is the most efficient way to process your application and get it to the appropriate hiring supervisor. It's also much easier for you to keep your online job application up to date. When you submit an online job application, it's immediately sent to the hiring supervisor, whereas a paper job application could take up to two days to process. And once you've submitted an online job application, you can access it at any time, to either make changes to the application or to apply for additional jobs at the Park District.

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On the job application, why do I need to apply for a specific job if I'm willing to work any job in the Park District?

The Park District appreciates your willingness to work in any position that we may have open. By asking you to apply for specific jobs, we can determine your interests and how well your skills and interests match our available jobs. So, to process your job application appropriately, we need to know what jobs you're truly interested in so we can match the right person to the right job.

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When do you start accepting applications for summer jobs?

It really depends on what jobs we need to fill. We generally start recruiting for day camp counselors each year in the fall, and for our aquatic positions in January.  Listings for our other summer jobs are posted as soon as the hiring supervisor knows how many openings s/he has to fill.  The best thing to do is to check the Arlington Heights Park District job postings regularly for the most up to date information on our available jobs.

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What paperwork and documents do I need if I'm hired?

When you're hired, you'll be given a New Hire Packet with all of the hiring documents.  You will be required to complete the New Hire Packet and also successfully complete a criminal background investigation through the Illinois State Police.  You will need to present your social security card (for payroll purposes) as well as the appropriate documents to complete the Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form.  If you are under age 16, you will also need to provide a valid Work Permit from your school.

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If I worked for the Park District last year (or am currently employed at the Park District) and want to apply for a different position, do I need to fill out a new job application?

No, former and current employees do not need to submit a new job application if they want to apply for a different position for the coming season.  Contact Human Resources at 847-577-3000 and let us know what job you wish to apply for.  We will route your saved online job application to the appropriate hiring supervisor for his/her consideration.

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What's it like working at the Park District?

Many former employees have told us they loved working for the Arlington Heights Park District!  Because of our neighborhood community centers and parks, our employees have the unique ability to work close to home, and many of their coworkers are their friends and classmates. We offer a variety of seasonal jobs, so there's a wide range of work you could be doing.  Many of our seasonal employees start working for us in high school and return seasonally through college, and during that time, they develop both their job and interpersonal skills, which helps to prepare them for their future careers.

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