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The Arlington Heights Park District recently launched a new customer service model to focus employees on improving communication, listening and problem-solving skills.  We train all employees on a consistent set of competencies giving them a standard process to interface with customers following six I.M.P.A.C.T. practices.  These six practices are defined below:


AN IMPACT player (employee) excels in one or more of the following practices:

Practice No 1: Identify Solutions

  • This IMPACT player is curious, and is an effective problem solver.  They are only interested in turning a negative into a positive guest experience at every turn.

Practice No 2: Make Their Day

  • This IMPACT player values the guests they serve.  They constantly find ways to show guests how much they are appreciated.

Practice No 3: Play

  • This IMPACT player taps into their natural way of being creative and having fun. Their enthusiasm flows in childlike wonder without being childish and their playful attitude is carried throughout everything they do.  

Practice No 4: Align Your Attitude

  • This IMPACT player takes responsibility for how they show up for the people they serve.  They understand that while they can't control what happens to them on a daily basis, they can decide how they respond.  This employee maintains a helpful attitude during all guest experiences.

Practice No 5: Care Compassionately 

  • This IMPACT player is emotionally present for people.  They show true interest in those they serve and they truly understand problems while showing those they serve that they care.  They are respectful and know that this respect strengthens and grows guest relationships. 

Practice No 6: Trust

  • This IMPACT player strives to build an environment of trust and adapts quickly to change. They understand that every interaction is an opportunity to create trust between the Park District and those they serve. 

Nominate an IMPACT PLAYER today!

Has an Arlington Heights Park District employee exceeded your expectations in any of the practices listed above?  If so, please take a few moments to fill out the IMPACT Player Nomination Form.   Paper forms are also available at Guest Services Desks at all Park District facilities.  Download a printable IMPACT PLAYER Nomination form.

Nominees and Winners

The employee you nominate will receive a copy of your nomination, a colorful medallion, and is eligible to win a quarterly prize. Quarterly winners are eligible for annual grand prizes.  All quarterly nominees and winners will be announced and recognized at the end of each quarter. The annual winners are announced in December.  Nominees and winners names will be viewable on this page at the end of each quarter.

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