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Mind your PokeManners in your AHPD parks


Here's a list of etiquette & safety tips while you're on your quest:

  1. This may seem obvious, but.... do not play "Pokémon GO" while driving. 

  2. Avoid suspicious locations, To avoid potentially dangerous situations, make sure that people can see you if you're playing at night, and be aware of strangers, 

  3. Do not trespass while playing, 

  4. Be respectful of where you're playing. DO NOT hunt Pokémon at memorials where people want to reflect.  

  5. Remember that Pokémon characters disappear and move to different locations in the game. If that coveted Pidgey is hiding in an unsafe or inappropriate location, you can wait for it to move to more suitable hunting ground.

Because of the length of this article, we've provided you with just excerpts.  You can see more PokéManners by reading the full Source here: PokéManners: 8 Tips for Safety and Etiquette While Playing 'Pokémon GO'


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