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New Year Brings New Colors and New Website

January 6, 2011 02:00 PM

We are pleased to officially introduce our new website and new colors.


There are five key reasons why we redeveloped our website:

  • Greater ADA accessibility
  • User-friendlier navigation
  • New technology to enhance functionality
  • Dynamic content management
  • Improved overall user experience

Primary Goals:

  • Brief overview of the ADA guidelines:
    • Readable navigation
    • A way for persons with disabilities to skip redundant navigation
    • Properly labeled images
    • Minimization or removal of any unnecessary animation or "Flash" graphics
    • 508 Validation: Within the page building tool, we have a tool for 508 validation and W3C validation. W3C is a set of website standards or best practices which are also important to follow to meet user expectations
  • To convert site into an easy-to-use, information-rich resource that meets the needs of all audiences and administrative staff.
  • To provide a one-stop portal for all Park District information including news, events, resources, interactive park and facility locator and more.
  • Work more efficiently. A content-management system (CMS) will help the Park District decentralize Website maintenance responsibilities and reduce maintenance time overall.
  • To provide the end user with an up-to-date, highly relevant, engaging Website experience.
Website users are encouraged to navigate our new website and then to take a few moments to give us their opinion. A Website Poll is available by clicking the banner on the homepage.

New colors, green and blue, express all of these points and more.

The revitalized logo, unveiled in January 2010, symbolizes four park district key attributes –growth, strength and stability, (three tree branches) and customer care (curved tail). The new logo design blended elements of the Park District’s existing ‘tree’– representing the life of our community and a zeal for parks and recreation – with the colors green and blue– representing trust, conservation, the environment and inspiring us to remain relevant after 85 years.
The new logo was designed to capture and communicate the Park District’s renewed enthusiasm for and dedication to its residents and customers – today and into the future.
The most obvious tasks, business cards, letterhead, vehicle identification were the initial priorities and now you will begin to see enhancements being made to our media driven marketing tools such as seasonal program guide, website, ads, etc. The logo is a powerful visual symbol meant to evoke a meaningful and positive image in the minds of our customers and to provide a great foundation for AHPD’s future. But in and of itself, our logo and colors do not define who we are as a brand.
The Arlington Heights Park District brand is undergoing an exciting transformation. Our new colors, new website and future enhancements to our programs, facilities and marketing and communications tools will reflect dynamic changes not only happening in our agency but in the park and recreation industry as a whole.
If you would like additional information about our new website and/or our new colors, please contact Anita M. Pacheco, Superintendent of Marketing & Communications.
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