Park and Rec Kid

Here's how to tell your Park and Rec Kid story.

1. Think about your experiences in parks and recreation when you were younger or even today. Maybe you went to the park for family picnics, played basketball at the rec center or learned to swim at the local pool. Whatever it is, you probably have a park and rec story! How did it shape you?
2. Share your story on video! Cell phone videos are perfect. Take a selfie video or ask a friend! In the video you should answer these prompts. Try to keep your video short (15 to 45 seconds). If you need more inspiration, check out the sample scripts below.
a. Hi, I'm _________ and I'm a park and rec kid because _______________________.
b. I challenge you to get out to your local park and then share why you’re a park and rec kid too! 

3. Feel free to challenge your family and friends to share their story! Call ‘em out in the video and tag them in your social posts! 

4. Share your video with AHPD. Take that video and post to Facebook or Twitter! Share it with the world! Just make sure to use the hashtag #ImAParkandRecKidAHPD.

Spell Check
  • Upload a photo or two if you'd like and we will post it along side your story!
  • Upload a video (max file size 30 MB for any type of file)


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