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Park District Protecting Mother Earth All Year 'Round

April 15, 2016 02:10 PM

Did you know?

How the Arlington Heights Park District Enthusiastically Stewards the Environment 

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, the Arlington Heights Park District has put together a short list of easy and fun ways to celebrate.  We’re also sharing some of the ways the Park District makes a difference all year long that you may not know about.

We've listed a few ways below.  We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on our Facebook page!

What the community can do:

  • Ride or walk instead of drive.  Give your car the day off this Earth Day. Plan to get to work, school, and happy hour using another, more eco-friendly mode of transportation.
  • Turn off the water while you brush your teeth. 
  • Think before you ink.  Consider the environment before using your paper printer.
  • Earth Day is about enjoying and taking care of the planet, so why spend it inside, glued to a screen? Get outdoors and plant a tree or plant some flowers!
  • Recycle. This Earth Day, help make sure old electronic gadgets end up properly recycled instead of taking up space or leaching toxins in a landfill.
  • Turn down the heat
  • Turn up the AC
  • Celebrate with us at our annual Arbor Day event on Friday, April 29th at Dryden Park

How the Park District incorporates strategies all year ‘round:

  • Idle Free Zones
  • Low Mow Zones
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Prescribed Burns
  • Synthetic turf and ice rink liners also help to lessen our impact on the environment
  • Reclaim rainwater at our service centers
  • Recycle woodchips
  • Process soil for re-use District-wide

Yes, you may not know that our Parks staff reclaims rainwater at our service centers, and recycles wood chips and processes soil in-house to re-use throughout our parks.  In partnership with the Village of Arlington Heights, we support Idle Free Zones near our facilities to reduce public exposure to toxic vehicle exhaust and our Low Mow zones require little maintenance reducing fuel usage and increase storm water infiltration. Synthetic turf and ice rink liners help to lessen our impact on the environment and our employee-based EnviroGroup promotes 'thinking before inking' to eliminate unnecessary paper waste in addition to encouraging recycling. 

This group of committed employees is charged with developing and implementing initiatives to step up the Park District’s environmental and conservation efforts.  Just recently, the EnviroGroup held a District-wide recycling day where they collected and donated over 1,000 pounds of electronics to the local Goodwill.  The EnviroGroup helps promote and encourage sustainable practices following a mission to “Help set a high standard of leadership and competency in the promotion and incorporation of sound environmental practices and lifestyles."

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Mission: The Arlington Heights Park District enriches the community by providing quality recreation, facilities and fun.           

We do this by:

  • Ensuring the efficient and effective use of financial resources and Park District assets.
  • Providing innovative recreational opportunities and facilities to meet the diverse programming needs of our community.
  • Continuing the District's pursuit of being a community, regional, state and national leader.
  • Promoting an environment of cooperation, collaboration and teamwork.
  • Providing quality internal and external customer-focused service.
  • Providing stewardship of our open spaces and natural resources.


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