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Park Goers Encouraged to Learn More About Cicada Killer Wasps


Occasionally the Arlington Heights Park District has had to temporarily close the sandbox portion of various playgrounds due to the presence of the Cicada Killer Wasp.

You may become alarmed or frightened because of their very large size, nearly two inches. These solitary wasps may become a nuisance when they dig holes in lawns, sand and gardens. Adults appear in mid to late summer (July and August) causing special concern to individuals with young children.

Female Cicada Killer Wasps rarely sting unless disturbed. They are difficult to provoke, can sting, but rarely do. The female wasps are not aggressive.

Males have especially aggressive territorial behavior, but have no sting.

Please take the appropriate action to avoid interaction. If you have any questions please call the Arlington Heights Parks and Planning Department at 847-577-3009.

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