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Skate Park

660 North Ridge Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Hours: 10 am - dusk during open season.
The skate park is open from Spring to Fall. Specific dates are at discretion of Park District Staff and after a thorough inspection of the park has taken place.

No waiver needed; skate at your own risk.




Skate Park Rules

These rules were developed so that all skaters can have a safe, enjoyable experience.

CAUTION – Inline skating and skateboarding are high risk recreational activities with inherent risks of serious injury.
  • Protective equipment is recommended. Safety equipment include: helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and padded jackets and shorts.
  • Please inspect skating surfaces and obstacles before using. Do not skate on broken or damaged equipment. Contact the Park District if equipment is damaged at 847-577-3025.
  • Obstacles, ramps, and other equipment may not be modified or added to the park.
  • When the skating surface is wet please be advised that it becomes very slippery. It can take up to three (3) hours for the surface to dry.
  • No personally owned ramps, boxes or other devices may be brought into the facility.
  • No motorized vehicles, scooters.
  • No alcohol, drugs, or glass containers permitted in the park.
  • No smoking in the park or within 15 feet of the park.
  • No excessively loud music.
  • No profanity.
  • No graffiti or tagging.
  • The Park District is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • In case of an emergency please dial 911.
The Arlington Heights Park District reserves the right to restrict entry to the facility and may ask persons to leave the facility as a result of not following the above rules or disorderly conduct or unsafe activity.


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