Natural Growth


In its ongoing effort to lessen its impact on the environment, The Arlington Heights Park District has established 10 District-wide low mow areas. In the Northern parks, Lake Arlington, Carousel, Camelot, Greenbrier and Hasbrook parks have areas designated as low mow plots as well as Heritage, Prairie, Carefree, Pioneer and Melas in the southern sections of the District. These low mow areas provide an aesthetic value and following our goal as environmental stewards, it reduces our footprint on the environment.

What does low mow mean?

Low mow areas are mowed approximately 3-4 times a year instead of 30-34 times throughout the mowing season. This saves the Park District time, energy and eliminates additional greenhouse gasses that would be released into the atmosphere.

Why did we pick these parks and the locations within them?

The Parks Department wanted to create a cross section of the Park District. We chose community center parks, neighborhood parks and community parks in order to balance the sites between north and south, and big and small. The areas within the parks that were chosen will interfere as little as possible with the active areas of the park, but meaningful enough to allow staff to properly measure the results.

Throughout the growing season the Park District will be evaluating these sites to determine if they can be expanded within these parks and determine if there are any additional parks that would benefit from a low mow area. If you have any questions or comments about our low mow areas please contact Jeff Lindstrom, Superintendent of Parks or call Jeff at 847-577-3013.

View Low Mow Areas

 Camelot Park

 Heritage Park

 Carefree Park

 Lake Arlington

 Carousel Park

 Melas Park

 Greenbrier Park

 Pioneer Park

 Hasbrook Park

 Prairie Park

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