Natural Growth

Pollinator gardens at Heritage, Lake Arlington and Centennial Parks include many native plants such as: Marsh Blazingstar, Butterfly and Swamp Miklweed, Tickseed, Coreopsis, Blackeyed Susans, Purple and Yellow Coneflower, Mountain Mint and grasses of Side Oats Grama and Little Bluestem and many more. Monarch butterfly restoration areas have been identified with signs along the paths.

Other Projects

In 2017, a concerted effort was made to remove the invasive Teasel plant at Lake Arlington. Several volunteer days resulted in a more healthy environment for native plants to grow. In 2018 and 2019, staff and volunteers installed several pollinator gardens park wide as well as a large native plant garden at Lake Arlington. A prescribed burn in the spring of 2018 helped to clear the shore line  around Lake Arlington of invasive plants and returned the soil to more healthy nutrients. For more information or to become a Volunteer, click here

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