Summer "All-In" 2020 Membership Pricing

Effective July 1, 2020

Summer 2020 "All-In" Pass Options Resident Only/Monthly*  
Family $60.00
2 individuals age 18 or over, children under 18, all residing at the same address.
Couple  $50.00
2 individuals, one age 18 or over, residing at the same address.
Individual  $35.00
1 individual, age 14 or over
Pool only Summer Caregiver $30.00
Ideal for a non-family member babysitter or a caregiver to accompany family members in need of supervision at a pool.  It is assigned to the family and can be used by multiple caregivers.  Can only be used in combination with the family connected with it.  If two caregivers from the same family are visiting at the same time, both need a separate pass.  Cannot be used to access fitness or exercise classes.
Daily Punch Pass Options Resident Only*
2 Punch $10.00
4 Punch $20.00
6 Punch $30.00
*Residents are those that live within the boundaries of the Arlington Heights Park District



Both can be purchased online  You must be a Park District resident to purchase one.  Both are considered memberships and can be found by clicking on the "Register Now" button and then selecting memberships on the top tab bar.  From there you can select the best option for you.  Admission will only be allowed with an updated membership card that has your name and picture on it.

These are the same cards we began using in January at ARC.  If you already have one from ARC, your Summer 2020 "All-In" Pass or punch card will be added. 

Both can also be purchased in-person at ARC.  Hours are Monday - Thursday, 8:30 am to 7 pm, Friday 8:30 to 5 pm, Saturday 9 am to Noon.

  Summer 2020 "All-In" Pass Punch Card
ARC Fitness Center, includes track X X
ARC Pools X X
Outdoor Pools X X
Water Exercise** X X
Fitness Classes** X X
Pickle Ball X X

**both land and water exercise classes will cost 2 punches each.



There are limits to how many people we can have in a space; we have to be able to trace everyone who uses the facility; no drop-in admissions are allowed.  The pass and punch card will help us achieve all three.

You will have to make a reservation by registering for a specific time slot for your fitness center use, land or water exercise class, lap swim, wellness pool use, and pickle ball.  There are time limits for each.  At the conclusion of each session, staff will ask all users to leave the facility so we can close for 30 minutes and clean and prepare to open for the next group. You will only be able to register for a time slot if you have the pass or punch card.

To reserve your spot, you can visit our website and register for the time slot you would like.  New time slots will be open for registrations at 10 am each day for up to 4 days in advance.  You will only be able to register for a time slot if you have the Summer 2020 “All-In” Pass or the punch card.  Registration for admissions is limited to Park District residents only.


Monthly - prorated based on the purchase date of the month, and then the next month's payment will be billed on the last day of the month prior. 


Members can submit a request to cancel their membership by completing the form at ARC and it will be reviewed by staff.  All-in membership are a monthly commitment. Cancellations need to be submitted 15 days prior to start of the next month.        


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