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Full Day Information

For full days off of school, such as institute days, we do offer programs on those days and will usually go on field trips.  This is an additional cost of $45/day and we will send out information to the sites as they approach and this year you will need to go online and register for them up to two weeks before the trip.  This year each child will receive a CAP shirt on their first Full Day and will be required to wear that each Full Day they attend.  If a child does not show up with their shirt, they will need to purchase an additional shirt for $5 or not be allowed to attend the program on that day.

These activities are only for District 21 students who currently are enrolled in and confirmed in the CAP program. Activities for the 2020/21 school year coming soon! 

Activity # Day Off School

*Lunch Included

Please be aware these trips do fill up, so please do not wait until the last minute to register.

School Access/Contact Information

To avoid the possibility of a ticket, please do not park in the fire lane or in the handicap spaces. For the safety of your child, school doors are kept locked.  District 21, parents will be given a five digit passcode to use at a keypad at the CAP entrance.