Softball and Baseball

The Park District offers a variety of leagues to accommodate players and teams with a range of softball experience. Although we offer both recreational to competitive leagues, all leagues are primarily for FUN.

Two ways to register:

  • Online at

  • In person at one of our community centers, Olympic Swim Center, or the Administration Center. For facility information, including locations and hours of operation, click here.

If your team has a sponsor:

  • Teams must pay in full at the time of registration. If your sponsorship check does not cover your entire league fee, you must pay the balance when you register. A sponsorship check is not a deposit.
  • If you will not have your sponsorship check before the deadline, you must pay in full when you register, and we will reimburse you once we receive your sponsorship check.It may take 5-10 business days to receive your reimbursement.


We do not add teams to leagues without payment in full or accept partial payment to hold a spot in a league.


Softball leagues

Register as a team, not as an individual player. If you are a player looking to join a team, please contact Cari Boyle, Athletic Coordinator, at

Spring leagues

Spring leagues begin the week of April 2, 2018. The season consists of 8 games, all double headers, and does not have playoffs or championships.

Spring 2018 Registration - open through March 23rd

Day League Start date Fee Code
Monday Men's 12" 4/2/18 $400/team 15005
Tuesday Men's 12" 4/3/18 $400/team 15007
Wednesday Men's 12" 4/4/18 $400/team 15008
Thursday Men's 12" 4/5/18 $400/team 15006
Friday Men's 12" 4/6/18 $400/team 15004


Summer leagues

Summer leagues begin the week of May 6, 2018, and the season consists of 10 games plus playoffs.

Summer league registration open 2/6/18 through 4/27/18

Day League Start date Res/ Non-res fee Code
Sunday Men's 12" - recreational 5/6/18 $800/ $850 team 15650
Sunday CoRec 14" 5/6/18 $800/ $850 team 15649
Monday Men's 12" - recreational 5/7/18 $800/ $850 team 15648
Monday Men's 12" - competitive 5/7/18 $800/ $850 team 15647
Tuesday Men's 12" - recreational 5/8/18 $800/ $850 team 15653
Tuesday Men's 12" - competitive 5/8/18 $800/ $850 team 15652
Wednesday Men's 12" - recreational 5/9/18 $800/ $850 team 15654
Wednesday Women's 12" 5/9/18 $650/ $700 team 15655
Thursday Men's 12" - recreational 5/10/18 $800/ $850 team 15651
Thursday Men's 16" 5/10/18 $650/ $700 team 16656
Thursday Women's 16" 5/10/18 $650/ $700 team 15656
Friday Men's 12" - recreational 5/11/18 $800/ $850 team 15646
Friday CoRec 14" 5/11/18 $800/ $850 team 15645


Fall leagues

Fall leagues begin the week of August 19, 2018, and the season consists of 10 games plus playoffs. Most games will be double headers. Registration opens May 1st.


Captain Information


Senior 12" Summer Softball (50+): league play


The season begins the week of May 2, 2018 and ends the week of August 15, 2018. All games will be played on Wednesdays starting at 6:30 pm at Rand-Berkley Park and Frontier Park.

Players register individually (not as teams) online or in person at either a community center, Olympic Swim Center, or the Administration Center. Please click here for facility information, including addresses and hours of operation. If you have never registered with the Arlington Heights Park District, please click here for registration and residency information.

Once you have registered, we will add you to a team. Rosters from last year will carry over to this summer, and new players to the league will be added to existing teams.

Click here to login and register


50+ League Manual


Senior 12" Summer Softball (50+): Drop In

For a flat registration fee, you can drop in for 12" softball games at Melas Park on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Registration is on site, and the Summer 2018 drop-in season begins on Tuesday, May 8th and ends on Friday, September 28th. Games are played from 9am to noon.


High School Baseball

For information about the Fall 2018 season, please contact Nick Wirth, Athletic Supervisor.