Swim Lessons

The Park District offers a variety of swim programs to encourage swimming as a lifelong skill. View program options for age 6 months through adult swim lessons.

Age 6 to 24 months - Water Babies with a parent

Helps you and your child relax and enjoy the water through the use of songs, games and activities.

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Age 2 to 4 year old - Water Toddlers with a parent

You and your child learn basic swimming skills to enhance the time you spend together in the pool.

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Ages 3 and over - Semi-Private Swim School

Same as Swim School, but with ratio of 2 students to 1 instructor.

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Ages 3 and over - Individual Private Swim Lessons

An alternative to Swim School offers one-on-one instruction designed to fit your needs.

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Ages 3 to 6 year old - Junior Swim School

Develop your toddler's swimming skills to prepare them for Swim School when they are age appropriate.  The goal is to keep children learning and interested in swimming so they will succeed in Swim School.

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Ages 5 and over - Swim School

There are ten different levels for a young swimmer to progress through. Progressive skill learning challenges your child from level to level.

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Ages 5-12 - Instructional Diving Lessons

Learn the basics of diving from a one-meter diving board.

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Learn advanced diving from a three-meter board 

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Ages 6-14 - Diving Club

Already participated in at least one session of diving?  Expand your diving knowledge and improve your skills.  This club is designed for participants who want to make more of a commitment to diving.

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Ages 6-14 - Swim Academy

This program combines aspects of our Swim School and our Competitive Stroke clinics to advance your swimming skills beyond the Guppies level.  The four competitive strokes, starts, and turns will be the focus of this program. 

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Ages 8-14 - Youth Water Polo

Designed as an instructional program with the goal of sparking an interest in a new sport.  Coaches will challenge and lead participants through drills and scrimmage games.

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Ages 11-17 & 18 - Adult and Teen Swim Lessons

For adult and teen non-experienced swimmers to competitive swimmers wanting to perfect their techniques. Adult and teens are split up and taught separately. Instructors work with participants to develop individual goals based on their needs and ability.

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Ages 8 and over - Scuba & Snorkeling

A variety of classes, clinics, and certifications to explore underwater! 

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Ages 18 and over - Water Exercise Classes

A variety of fun and invigorating water workouts.

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Inclement Weather for Swim Lessons at Outdoor Pools

Swim Classes will not get in the water in the event of:

  • Thunder/Lightning, or other severe weather
  • Mechanical Problems 

In the event that a swim lessons cannot run in the water: 

The Park District swim classes are designed to include out of water instruction and safety procedures which are called a "Rain Days." Each session is allotted 1 Rain Day. Participants should still come prepared to get in the water should the weather allow. 

In the case of more than one "Rain Day" per session, the lesson may be cancelled.  Refunds will be handled by the registrar and participants need not fill any additional forms or information. A refund will be issued based on how payment was received. Please note that all refunds will not be processed until the end of your class’s session. 

*Please note there is no low temperature that will cancel swim lessons.