Youth Volleyball Leagues

Fall 2017 Volleyball Leagues: 5th - 8th grade

League Kick-off and first practice: Sunday September 17th



The youth volleyball program is a recreational league for boys and girls in 5th through 8th grade. The league is designed to teach young players fundamental technical and age-appropriate tactical skills and enable players to practice sporting behavior while having fun. Teams are kept small to maximize playing time. The fall season begins on Sunday, September 17, 2017: players meet coaches and teammates, receive uniforms, and have their first practice. The fall season ends on Sunday, November 12, 2017.

Volunteering to coach

We rely on volunteers to coach our teams! If you would like to coach, please indicate so when you register.


Registration for Fall 2017 is now closed.

Players who register after the August 25th deadline will be placed on a wait list and added to teams in need of additional players. Placement on the wait list does not guarantee placement on a team. We cannot accommodate friend requests for players who miss the registration deadline.

Fall 2017 Youth Leagues





5th grade 9/17 - 11/12 $87 resident / $92 non-resident 11916
6th grade 9/17 - 11/12 $87 resident / $92 non-resident 11917
7th grade 9/17 - 11/12 $87 resident / $92 non-resident 11918
8th grade 9/17 - 11/12 $87 resident / $92 non-resident 11919


Team formation and friend requests

Boys and girls play in separate divisions split by grade. If there are not enough players at a particular grade to form a division, we may create coed or multi-grade teams. 

Players are placed on teams based on their neighborhood, school, and friend request. Players who register by the deadline may ask to be placed on a team with one friend. However, the request must be mutual: both players must request each other. We cannot honor requests in cases where players request more than one friend or link friends in a circular request: friend A requests friend B, friend B requests friend C, friend C requests friend A.

Please coordinate your friend request before registering to ensure that it is mutual.

We are unable to keep teams together from year to year. Coaches may not request players, and players may not request coaches.

If you have program or registration questions, please contact Cari Boyle, Athletic Coordinator: or 847.506.8374.


FESL Youth Volleyball Clinics 

In FESL Volleyball clinics, players learn the fundamental skills of serving (overhand/underhand/jump), setting, hitting, and passing. The clinics have a low instructor to student ratio, and staff focuses closely on individual player development.

All clinics are taught at Betsy Ross School on Sundays.

Click the class code to view clinic information and register online




5-6th Grade

7-9th grade


9/17 6-8pm Pass/Set 13559 13563 $40
9/24 6-8pm Hitting/Defense 13568 13572 $40
10/1 6-8pm Serve/Serve Receive 13552 13556 $40
10/22 6-8pm Pass/Set 13560 13564 $40
10/29 6-8pm Hitting/Defense Cancelled Cancelled $40
11/5 6-8pm Serve/Serve Receive 13553 13557 $40
11/19 12-2pm Pass/Set 13561 13565 $40
11/26 12-2pm Hitting/Defense 13570 13574 $40
12/3 12-2pm Serve/Serve Receive 13554 13558 $40
12/10 12-2pm Pass/Set 13562 13566 $40
12/17 12-2pm Hitting/Defense 14458 14459 $40


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