Refund Policy

It is the Park District's goal to provide a quality recreation and leisure service for all residents. If a participant is dissatisfied with a program or is unable to continue participating in a program for any reason, the Park District will attempt to provide the best course of action to satisfy the participant.
A refund request must be submitted to the Park District office no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the program in order to be considered for a full refund. Refund requests can be submitted Online or by calling one of the Park District offices.
All refunds are subject to a $5 Administrative Service Fee, except under the following circumstances:
  • Request for refund is due to a satisfaction issue
  • Refund is initiated by the Park District
  • Doctor's note is submitted with request
  • Online registration is withdrawn within the first ½ hour of initial registration

Special conditions:

  • The following programs and special classes will be pro-rated from the time the refund request is received: Children At Play (CAP), Preschool, Day Camp, Muskies, Museum Programs, Sports Leagues, and Pool Passes/Reveille Lap Passes/Water Exercise Coupons.
  • Activities which include tickets for entertainment/sporting events, adult sport leagues, trips and/or contractual programs require that vacancy be filled by another participant in order for a refund to be given. The $5 Administrative Service Fee is applicable to these refunds. 
  • Refunds, minus the $5 Administrative Service Fee, will be given for one-day workshops/programs if the request is received at least one full week prior to the program being offered. If the request is received less than one week in advance, the person will receive 50% of the program fee less the $5 Administrative Service Fee.
  • Programs at Arlington Lakes Golf Club and Banquet Facilities, Nickol Knoll Golf Club, and racquet facilities are excluded from this policy.
  • Refunds requests for programs which issued passes or supplies must be made in person and all items must be returned at the time of the request. These are subject to all applicable fees and charges.
  • No refunds will be given after a program has ended.
  • Please allow 10-14 business days for refund processing. Payments made by charge cards are credited to your billing statement.

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