FV Outdoor Courts

Resident Outdoor Summer Court Permit Information

Reserve court time at one of our 6 outdoor court sites for the same day at the same time each week for the entire summer.

Information and Policies

  • Summer season – 13 weeks (June 1-August 31).
  • Permit fees were approved at the annual fee meeting.

Summer Court Permit Rules and Regulations

  1. Summer Court Permit applications and fees are due on or before May 1.
  2. The Arlington Heights Park District’s lesson program has first priority in reserving court time.
  3. Applicants select a first, second & third choice for location, day, time made available for a Court Permit.
  4. The tennis courts may not be reserved, except for Park District programming.
  5. To obtain Court Permit Applications, contact the Club at 847-640-2574.
  6. Court Permit Applications for Summer will be honored in the following order/priority:
    1. If more than 1 application is for the same day/time, a drawing will decide which application is awarded 1st choice.
    2. The next application drawn will be awarded the 2nd choice listed and so on.
  7. All Court Permit fees will be refunded if a court time is NOT selected. 
  8. Applications received after May will be accepted and assigned their selection of court time from those available on a first-come, first served basis.
  9. All Court Permit applications will be obligated for the total cost of the outdoor season, June 1 to August 31. No refunds for inclement weather.


The outdoor tennis courts are open April through October, weather permitting. Outdoor lighting will be available April through October as well in accordance with Park Board approved policy. Please adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Courts are to be used for tennis only. Absolutely no other activities are permitted on the tennis courts. No bicycles, skateboards, skates, in-line skates, or anything with wheels are not allowed on the courts at any time. The courts are ADA accessible
  • Park District tennis lessons, tournaments and events take priority over open and/or walk on play
  • Lessons must be provided by Park District staff only. Independent lessons for a fee are not permitted and constitute a violation of Arlington Heights Park District Ordinance 260
  • Saint Viator High School team practice and match play take priority over open play
  • Play time is limited to one hour when others are waiting. Please relinquish the court after one hour of play. Play on all courts begins and ends on the hour
    • Summer Court Permits are restricted to a maximum of two courts for a maximum of two hours.
  • Courts may be reserved for a fee. Reservations can be made at the Club front desk during operating hours. Reservations will be posted on the outdoor court message board
  • Only smooth soled on-marking tennis shoes are allowed on the courts. Soft soled running or cross training shoes are not allowed and should not be worn to play tennis
  • Maximum of four people on any court at any given time
  • Refrain from handling or hanging on the nets or other court apparatus
  • Mark your tennis balls with a unique identifier and handle only your ball when serving
  • Only return your opponents ball with your racket
  • When waiting for a court, please wait outside the court
  • No other activities or gatherings are permitted within the fenced tennis court enclosures
  • The park district reserves the right to close the tennis courts at any time
  • AHPD policy is applicable to the outdoor tennis pavilion

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