Junior Development


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From the age of 11 to the high school level, our lessons will enhance performance with tournament training, sharpen strategy through drill and play classes, and cultivate friendly competition with in-house leagues at Heritage Tennis Club.   Our ratio for students and instructor is 6 to 1.  This is also the same for the structure of the number of participants per court. 


Introduces and practices the tennis basics including volleys, forehand and backhand ground strokes, serves, match play, sportsmanship and footwork. Students need to bring a tennis racquet to class. This is a great class for those picking up tennis a bit later in life.

Junior Tennis Academy

Promotion from Green Ball Academy or pro approval from evaluation required. This class is suitable for qualified beginners. Students will be leveled within the class. Focus of instruction is on skill set improvement and application to competitive play.

High School Drill & Match Play

This class if for high school varsity and tournament level players. Membership is required

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