Junior Development


We offer a variety of programs for all ages and skill levels

From the age of 10 to the high school level, our lessons will enhance performance with tournament training, sharpen strategy through drill and play classes, and cultivate friendly competition with in-house leagues at Heritage Tennis Club.   Our ratio for students and instructor is 6 to 1.  This is also the same for the structure of the number of participants per court. 


Introduces and practices the tennis basics including volleys, forehand and backhand ground strokes, serves, match play, sportsmanship and footwork. Students need to bring a tennis racquet to class. This is a great class for those picking up tennis a bit later in life.

Advanced Beginner 

This program will develop consistency and improving stroke technique, match play, sportsmanship and footwork. Students need to bring a tennis racquet to class.This is the next level of development for those that have had some tennis instruction.

Intermediate Drill & Match Play

This program is designed to develop consistency and improving stroke technique with an emphasis on power and placement. It is a 90 minute class where half of the time will be spent on drilling, and the other half will be spent on both singles and doubles strategies. All play will be with the regular "Yellow" Ball and students must have knowledge of proper score keeping. In-House supervised round robins are strongly recommended as this student is starting to get serious about the sport and giving consideration for playing on their high school team.  


The Academy is different from the Drill and Match Plays where the student is looking to play more than once a week. This is for our families that have made a commitment to tennis and are playing tournaments both on the local, midwest and national level. The coaching staff will work with the student / families on suggested tournaments for ranking purposes. All aspects of the student's needs will be met with an on court fitness program, technique, and developing winning patterns of play.Students must be approved by a member of the coaching staff.

High School Drill & Match Play

This is a two hour class for students that are currently on or trying out for their high school teams. Students will be separated on court based on playing ability .Fitness will be emphasized with this program along with proper court positioning for singles and doubles match play. The time will be divided with one hour of drills, and one hour of supervised point play. Strategy for both singles and doubles will be key with assisting these players to play their best at the high school level.  

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BUDDY UP for Down Syndrome

Buddy Up is a high-energy adaptive tennis and fitness program for childern and young adults with Down syndrome. Athletes will Buddy Up with a volunteer on the courts.  Each clinic consists of adaptive tennis drills, group and individual activities. 


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Clinics will meet every other Saturday - twice monthly since April 2014

Heritage Tennis Club

7 West College Dr.

Arlington Heights, IL 60004

$15 per clinic or $25 per month

scholarships are available

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Contact Mary Beth Bowman at NWChicago@BuddyUpTennis.com


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Buddy Up Tennis, Inc. is a Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 100% of your tax-deductible contribution goes to funding our program.