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Your Vote Has Determined the Future of the Park District


Dear AHPD Residents,

The Arlington Heights Park District has always been, and will continue to be, a municipal agency guided by community input through surveys, feedback from patrons, and public meetings.
Through your vote the community has decided not to fund improvements at Camelot Park, Frontier Park, Heritage Park, Olympic Indoor Swim Center and Recreation Park before the year 2017. This will not deter the AHPD from continuing to strive to meet the recreational and open space needs of our ever evolving community.
Thank you for helping to determine the future of the Arlington Heights Park District. The Park Board of Commissioners values your decision and will continue discussing how to best address the issues related to aging facilities, outdated mechanical systems and inadequate programming space with the limited funding sources available. We look forward to serving you.
Maryfran H. Leno
Park Board President
Arlington Heights Park District
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