ADA Transition Plan


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We tend to think of people with disabilities as those with an obvious physical impairment such as a physical disability. The range of disabilities covered by the ADA is much more comprehensive, encompassing all people who have any physical or mental impairment that would substantially limit a major life activity such as walking, speaking, hearing, breathing, seeing, or performing manual tasks. It is no longer adequate to say that the District has an agreement with the Northwest Special Recreation Association (NWSRA) to provide programs for people with disabilities. The scope of the law requires more than accessible recreation programs; it is necessary that the District provide equal access to all aspects of its services whether through formal recreation programs, informal use of facilities and parks, printed material, website information, or employment.

The 2021 ADA Transition Plan intends to address all aspects of Park District Accessibility. ADA_Transition_Plan_image_2021





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