The Arlington Heights Park District has a variety of meeting rooms, gyms, banquet facilities, tennis courts, picnic shelters and groves, and athletic fields that you may reserve for your next event! For general rental information, contact Cari Boyle. For Arlington Lakes Banquet rentals, contact Stephanie Geuder

What events require a permit?

  • Indoor events
  • Events with 25+ attendees
  • Commercial use, regardless of the number of participants.
  • Events that require proof of insurance or Village of Arlington Heights licenses, for example, outside food or entertainment vendors, the use of a generator or amplified music, and tents, bounce houses, and items that must be secured with sandbags.
  • Activities that require the approval of the Park District Directors or Board of Commissioners.

How to apply for a permit

Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and must be approved by the facility supervisor.

  • Submit a completed Rental Application to the facility supervisor at least two weeks (10 business days) prior to the date or first date of an event. For facility information, visit the IndoorOutdoor, and Athletic Field rental pages
    • For events with potentially 100+ guests or that are open to or advertised to the public, submit a completed Large Event Rental Addendum.
  • Once staff receives a completed application, they will contact you within a week regarding availability and pricing.
  • Payment, Certificates of Additional Insurance, event maps, Village of Arlington Heights licenses, and any other requirement documents must be submitted before a permit is approved and issued.

Other considerations 

  • Renters are responsible for ensuring that their guests follow all Park District ordinances and guidelines current on the date of their rental.
  • Maximum indoor / outdoor event capacities must be observed.
  • Due to the size and scope of an event or conflicts with Park District programs, we may not be able to accommodate some rental requests.
  • Prohibited items

    • Alcohol use is prohibited on all Park District property except at the Arlington Lakes and Nickol Knoll Golf Courses and Heritage Tennis Club.
    • Smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco products are prohibited in all Park District buildings and fenced areas and within 50 feet of playgrounds, shelters, and outdoor athletic facilities and fields.
    • Fireworks, firearms, open flames, and explosive materials.
    • Items that are difficult to display or clean up, for example, pinatas, confetti, glitter, rice, colored powder.
    • Pets of any kind are not allowed on Park District property.

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