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Pool Rentals

Open Swim Party Room Rental Package

Reserve a party room during open swim for a fun and fantastic swim party!

Party room packages include the exclusive use of the room for two hours and access to all available pools during open swim. The Family Activity Pool will always be available, but other pools may be unavailable due to programs, staff training, or maintenance.

The Poolside Party Room has a standard size refrigerator and sink, and seats up to 32 people. Rental packages include 40 wristbands, which are required for everyone age two and older, and allow your guests access to the party room, pool decks, pools and locker rooms (included are extra wristbands so that you may have extra adults on hand to help supervise children).  Outside food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed.

 Reserve the Poolside Party Room
Party Date Location Day Time Reg Opens Reg Closes Code Party Date
6/15/24 ARC Sat 2-4pm 5/7/24, 10am 6/1/24 82066 6/15/24
6/16/24 ARC Sun 2-4pm 5/7/24, 10am 6/1/24 82067 6/16/24
6/22/24 ARC Sat 2-4pm 5/14/24, 10am 6/8/24 82068 6/22/24
6/23/24 ARC Sun 2-4pm 5/14/24, 10am 6/8/24 82069 6/23/24
6/29/24 ARC Sat 2-4pm 5/21/24, 10am 6/15/24 82070 6/29/24
6/30/24 ARC Sun 2-4pm 5/21/24, 10am 6/15/24 82071 6/30/24
7/14/24 ARC Sun 2-4pm 6/4/24, 10am 6/28/24 83429 7/14/24
7/20/24 ARC Sat 2-4pm 6/11/24, 10am 7/5/24 83430 7/20/24
7/21/24 ARC Sun 2-4pm 6/11/24, 10am 7/5/24 83431 7/21/24
7/28/24 ARC Sun 2-4pm 6/18/24, 10am 7/12/24 83432 7/28/24
8/3/24 ARC Sat 2-4pm 6/25/24, 10am 7/19/24 83433 8/3/24
8/4/24 ARC Sun 2-4pm 6/25/24, 10am 7/19/24 83434 8/4/24

Renter Responsibilities

  • Room set up and clean up
  • Distributing wristbands
  • Supervising guests in the room, on the pool decks, and in the pools at all times
  • Ensuring their guests follow all rental rule

A host will meet the renter at the building entrance 30 minutes prior to the party to hand over wristbands, open the room and assist with set-up. Renters have access to the room for 20 minutes after the party to clean up.

Renters must have a AHPD profile to book a party. Visit our Registration Information page for more information.

Party Room Reservation Rules


  • $350 for Park District residents and $400 for non-residents.
  • Payment is due in full at the time of reservation and includes a non-refundable $75 booking fee.
  • Reservation packages include seating for up to 32 guests and 40 wristbands for access to the room and pool deck. Wristbands are required for everyone age 2 and older.


To ensure a smooth process, please review the following details thoroughly.

All cancellations must be submitted, in writing, to the rental supervisor. We are unable to accept cancellations by phone or voice mail. The date we receive written notice of cancellation determines your refund eligibility and amount.

  • To cancel a Party Room Package, email email Matt Healy, ARC Facility Manager, at
  • All refunded money will be posted to your Park District household account.
  • All parties and party room reservations include a $75 non-refundable booking fee.

Requests received:

  • At least 30 days prior to the event date are eligible for a full refund after deducting the booking fee.
  • 14 to 29 days prior to the event date are eligible for a 75% refund of the balance after deducting the booking fee.
  • Less than 14 days prior to the event date are eligible for a 25% refund of the balance after deducting the booking fee.

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