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Splash into aquatics at AHPD! We offer a wide range of swim lessons, teams, and exciting programs. Find your perfect fit below!



My child would like specifically either a boy or girl instructor:

We recommend considering “Pop-up” Private Swim Lessons which give you the option to hand select your child’s teacher. It is not possible to select a specific instructor for group lessons.

Why doesn’t my child have the same teacher for each class:

Our goal is to pair your child with the same teacher for the entire session.
Your child may have a different teacher for one of two reasons: an instructor calls in sick and there’s a substitute or your child was moved to a more advanced level.

There are too many kids in my child’s group:

Our Swim School fees are based on a 6:1 student to teacher ratio. Junior Swim School pricing structure is based on a 4:1 student to teacher ratio. If you would like more individualized attention we recommend private swimming lessons.

Who is teaching my child:
Almost all of our instructors are currently high school or college students. Their energy is through the roof and they love their jobs and working with kids. Many are high school and college swimmers and quite a few are interested in a career specializing in early childhood and/or teaching. We aim for our swimming lesson program to be a highlight of your child’s SUMMER! that is only possible because of our young staff. For many, this is their first job and they are eager to succeed.

To goggle or not? We recommend NO GOGGLES in our Junior Swim School program. Why?

  • Becoming dependent on goggles will not help your child adapt and feel comfortable in water as they grow older.
  • Opening eyes underwater is a skill in Junior Swim School.
  • Goggles are also not allowed on our diving boards or slides. We want your child’s first experience going off the diving board to be positive and feel familiar underwater. Often times the child who panics after going of the diving board for the first time has never felt the sensation of being underwater with no goggles.

Are there swim lessons in the rain or if it’s cool:

Yes. All swim lessons take place in light rain or cool temperatures. We cancel swim lessons due to heavy rain (when a lifeguard cannot see the bottom of the pool) or lighting and thunder. If a swim lesson is cancelled due to heavy rain or thunder and/or lighting you will receive a one day refund posted to your AHPD account.

THERE ARE NO SWIM LESSONS ON THESE DAYS DUE TO SWIM MEETS – Fees were already adjusted when you registered to reflect one less class

Refund Policy – click here to see the last day you can request a refund for your specific session(s). This date is also on your receipt.

MAKE-UP POLICY | There are no make-ups for missed classes. Each class has a specific number of instructors who were pre-scheduled based on the number of kids enrolled. Refunds are not provided for the value of one lesson if you miss or don’t show up for a day in a session.

TRANSFERRING TO A DIFFERENT CLASS | If your schedule changes after you register and you’d like to transfer from one class code to another, please contact Angela Neill, Aquatic Supervisor, at 847-577-3029. If there are openings a transfer can be processed over the phone if the fees are the same. This would need to be done the Wednesday before the first class.


Pop-Up Private Swim Lessons | An à la carte experience

Options for preschool through adult.

Adults – see last bullet point.

  • Designed so you can pick a specific teacher to make your child feel comfortable- either a boy or girl teacher. Or maybe you have a favorite teacher. (An amenity not possible with group swim lessons).
  • Perfect for the young child who does not like a group environment for swim lessons.
  • 30-minute swim lesson with private one-on-one attention. Accomplish a lot without the distraction of other kids in a group.
  • Tell your instructor what you want to work on – or if you’re not sure, we will come up with a plan together. Some people sign their kids up with one goal in mind such as: eliminating fear water, going off diving board for the first time, afraid of water, or swim team strokes/skills/endurance/breathing tips.
  • Great compliment to Muskies or Interpark Swim Team!
  • Parents – put your name on the list for class code 79551 if you’re interested. We will email everyone who signs up for that code when instructors’ schedules begin to POP-UP on our registration portal.
  • Residents | $45
  • Non-residents | $68
  • Semi-private options available for siblings. Contact Angela Neill, Aquatic Supervisor, for details at 847-577-3029.


We have three adult instructors passionate about working with adults who want to learn how to swim for the first time  – (it’s never too late!!) – or for those who want to add swimming into their workout routine but don’t know where to start.

BE SMART WITH YOUR golf, tennis, or pickleball game. Introducing a swim program into your workout routine is a great way to enhance your endurance in those other activities. One or two private lessons can be all it takes to gain some tips so you can create a swim workout plan you can manage on your own. Both Margaret and Steve can help you write a workout plan for the next time you jump in a pool by yourself.

MARGARET – Margaret has won her age group multiple times at the Chicago Triathlon and is a qualifier for Age Group Nationals! In this class you may work on: being more efficient with breathing, endurance tips, learning a new stroke, or maybe you want to compete in a Triathlon but you’re not confident with the swimming leg of the race, or perhaps you need help with the open water swim portion of the triathlon that you can practice in the pool. Margaret coached age group swimmers for 17 years. She is also passionate about working with the beginner adult swimmer who may be uncomfortable going underwater. 

STEVE – Steve is one of our adult teachers and has been teaching since 2010. He has experience with all levels and has coached swim teams. Steve is the perfect fit for adults who want to add swimming into their fitness routine, work on proper technique to be more efficient with energy, gain endurance for other sports and activities outside of the pool such as running, tennis, golf, prep for a vacation, or for those who may be afraid of water or don’t know how to swim – it’s never too late!! Alternately – Steve is very popular with our youth and tweens. He was one of our most requested teachers for Swim School this past school year at ARC for our tween participants.


To reserve a private swim lesson with Margaret, Steve, or Jeff – contact Angela directly 847-577-3029

Keep checking back if you don’t find a time that works for you. We load more classes each week as we review our instructors’ personal availability.





We’ve launched a new pool schedule that’s directly linked to our scheduling system. This means you can easily see all the scheduled pool activities in one place!

Pool Schedule

The ARC Pool will be closed for annual maintenance from Monday, August 12 through Tuesday, September 3.

Aqua Fitness and Water Running

Ditch the harsh pavement, treadmill and gym floors! Our aqua fitness classes offer a low-impact way to get a full-body workout. We use water resistance (think pool noodles and foam weights) to build strength in your arms, back, shoulders, and core. Deep water classes utilize buoyancy belts for a more supported experience. Choose from high-intensity workouts to get your heart rate pumping or low-intensity options for a gentler exercise. Plus, the water’s adjustability makes it perfect for all fitness levels. Water running classes are a fantastic addition to your training program, especially if you’re preparing for a race like the Chicago Marathon!

  • All Aqua Fitness classes are an amenity of our ARC Annual memberships; therefore, reservations are required for all classes to insure this is a member only program.
  • These classes are very popular and each class has a specific capacity that coincides with pool size to allow ample room for movement.
  • An Annual ARC SplashPass or PlusPass is required. Aqua Fitness classes are not included in a Summer only SplashPass.

May Aqua Fitness + Water Running Schedule Register for Classes

Deep Aqua Fit
A cardiovascular and strength training workout in the diving well (12 feet deep). Required Hydro-Fit flotation equipment is provided.

Shallow Aqua Fit
A cardiovascular and strength training workout in the lap pool. Water should be at least waist high but below the chest. Aquatic shoes are recommended but not provided.

Warm Aqua Fit
A shallow water class with slower movements and low impact. This class is in our Wellness Pool.

Deep Water Running
Can’t ramp up your mileage without getting hurt? Dreading the treadmill, track, or road? Deep Water Running is your answer! This fun, interval-based class is a fantastic cardio workout that strengthens your core and burns calories – all while staying cool in the deep end. Perfect for those who are comfortable in deep water, a flotation belt ensures you feel secure. So ditch the pavement and dive into a deep water adventure!


Questions about diving lessons? Email Melissa with Windy City Diving at

Windy City Diving requires AAU Diving Athlete membership. This membership is $20 and can be obtained online at AAU Diving at Please bring proof of your AAU Diving registration to your first class. Register on

Register for Lessons

Level 1

The beginner diving class is an introduction to the sport of springboard diving and is designated to teach the safe and proper way to use the springboard. Any individual 8-18 years old who has an interest in diving, can swim comfortably in deep water, and dive in head first off the side of the pool deck into deep water can take this class. Students will be taught a forward approach and a back press. They will progress to forward and backward dives as well as other skills based on ability.

Level 2

The intermediate and advanced diving classes are for those divers who already know how to do a proper diving hurdle and back press. The divers will be taught new skills and tricks based on their current skill and ability. *Prerequisite
Must have previously participated in a level 1 lesson or have gymnastics experience.

Pre-Team prerequisite
Must have completed level 2 lessons and been referred by a coach. This level has the potential to compete at local meets approximately 1 time a month from January – May. Skills required are a front dive with a 4 step approach and a back fall in entry without a spot.


  • The last day to request a refund for Session 1 is Friday, August 30. No refunds will be approved or processed after August 30.
  • The last day to request a refund for Session 2 is Wednesday, October 23. No refunds will be approved or processed after October 23.


There are no make-ups or pro-rated refunds for missed classes.

Ages 9 to 14 – Youth Water Polo (Year Round)

Water Polo is an exciting team sport to watch and even more exciting to play. The teams practice then later compete against each other as the session progresses. You will learn the basics of the game, run drills, and scrimmage in the dive well

During the school year we offer an instruction program that meets once a week on Sundays at ARC.

During the Summer, practices run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 6 weeks.



For questions regarding water polo, please contact Rob Gussy, Aquatic Supervisor.

The Arlington Heights Park District offers competitive swim teams year-round for every level of competitive swimmer.

Arlington Muskies | 6-18 years

Summer Season 2024 Information

The Muskies season will run from June through July. The team will compete against neighboring park districts in the Northern Illinois Swim Conference.

Practices will be held at Recreation Pool starting at 5:15PM and ending at 6:15PM for ages 6-8 and 6:45PM for ages 11-18, Monday through Friday.

 Learn More About Arlington Muskies Swim Team

Interpark Swim Teams | 6-14 years

Summer Season 2024 Information

June 17 – July 27 (City Meet)

Interpark is a six-week summer program that is great start for young swimmers who are looking compete on a swim team. Each team will compete in five swim meets against each other at AHPD pools and will conclude the season with our annual City Meet Championship meet. Below are the practice times for each team:

Camelot Crocodiles:

6 to 14-Year-Olds | 8-9AM | Monday through Friday

Frontier Flyers:

6 to 10-Year-Olds | 7:45-8:45AM | Monday through Friday

11 to 14-Year-Olds | 8:50-9:50AM | Monday through Friday

Heritage Hurricanes:

6 to 14-Year-Olds | 4:45-5:45PM | Monday through Friday

Pioneer Piranhas:

6 to 10-Year-Olds | 7:45-8:45AM | Monday through Friday

11 to 14-Year-Olds | 8:50-9:50AM | Monday through Friday

Recreation Racers:

6 to 14-Year-Olds | 8-9AM | Monday through Friday

Recreation Stingrays:

6 to 14-Year-Olds | 4:15-5:15PM | Monday through Friday

Learn More About Interpark League

Arlington Otters

Winter Season 2024/2025 information

Developmental swim team for the novice swimmer ages 6-14 will be offered at the Arlington Ridge Center from November 2, 2024- February 22, 2025. This team is very similar to the summer Interpark swim teams.

Each swimmer must be able to complete 25 yards of freestyle with the correct technique to participate. A skills test is held on the first day of practice. Any swimmer not meeting these requirements will not be able to participate in the program. The Arlington Otters build on the swimming skills learned in swim lessons but are not considered a substitute for lessons.  Practices and meets are at the Arlington Ridge Center.  Practice times are Saturday & Sunday from 1-2PM. The season runs from November through February.

Learn More About Arlington Otters Swim Team


For questions regarding competitive swimming programs, please contact Rob Gussy.

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