Outdoor Courts


Outdoor Tennis/Pickleball Courts Are Back!

With predicted warmer weather, outdoor tennis and pickleball courts (excluding Camelot, Green Slopes and Forest View) are now open! While courts are opening earlier this season, lights and windscreens will be available in mid-April. View a list of outdoor courts here and sort by feature (tennis – outdoor courts and pickleball – outdoor courts).

Help us make it a safe and fun season by following and reminding others of the guidelines below:

  • Courts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Please be courteous and respectful to all players, bystanders and neighbors
  • Dogs are prohibited on courts
  • Do not remove snow from the courts by shovel, snow blower, etc.
  • Proper footwear is required
  • Maximum of four people on any court at any given time
  • Refrain from handling the nets or other court apparatus
  • When waiting for a court, please wait outside of the court
  • No other activities or gatherings are permitted within the fenced tennis/pickleball court enclosures
  • The District reserves the right to close the tennis/pickle ball courts at any time

Green Slopes and Forest View plan to be open by mid-April and Camelot will open after crack repairs have been completed this spring.

We hope to see you on the courts this spring, summer and fall!

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