Lasting Legacies


Arlene Mulder, born in 1944, was a teacher, a coach, a civic leader and so much more. Not only was she on the Arlington Heights Park District Board of Commissioners for 12 years, but she also served as the mayor of Arlington Heights for 20 years, 5 consecutive terms ending in 2013.

Prior to her initial election she was village trustee for 2 years. These have been just a few of her long list of accomplishments; she has also served on numerous charitable groups, as well as many councils and committees. Over the years Mrs. Mulder has received a variety of different awards and recognitions, such as several Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Awards and Woman of Achievement Girl Scout Awards.

In light of all Arlene Mulder’s achievements, she is a visionary who helped to develop a community that fosters collaboration and excellence. A leader that resonated determination, ethics and motivation. She always strived to ensure Arlington Heights remained a family centered community with recreational opportunities for all. Arlene still resides in Arlington Heights at the age of 75.

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Year Honored: 2019

Birth: 1944 – 

Born In: Arlington Heights, IL

Achievements: AH Mayor, Trustee, APHD Board

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