Path and Pavement Repairs Capital Project

On August 20, 2021, the  Park Board of Commissioners agreed to move forward with path and parking lot improvements for the District.  The Path and Pavement Repairs project replaced sections of asphalt walking paths at various parks.  In addition, the parking lot at Carefree Park was completely replaced with new asphalt and striping for parking spaces.  At each park location, sections of path were identified by path markings and temporary signage.  Design and Permitting occurred in the Summer of 2020 with Bidding taking place in the Summer of 2021. Construction began in August and all locations were completed by 11/1/2021.  To view the construction progress, click this link Construction.

Construction began the week of 9/10/2021

Carefree Parking Lot  √ DONE!
Carriage Walk Park  √ DONE!
Prairie Park  √ DONE!
Willow Park  √ DONE!


Construction began the week of 9/17/2021                       

View Nickol Knoll concept renderingdownloadPDF

Melas Park   √ DONE!
Nickol Knoll Park  √ DONE!
Pioneer Park  √ DONE!

For the Nickol Knoll path, the Park District replaced a section of the path outlined in blue on the concept rendering.  This section was identified as a main priority for repair at this location and is part of a multi-year path replacement project at the park.  The repairs were completed 11/1/2021.



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