Finance and Personnel, Human Resources

Human Resources is a division within the Finance and Personnel Department that works with managers from all departments to ensure that the Park District maintains a high-quality, dedicated workforce.

With a dedicated staff of only two full-time employees, the Human Resources Division supports a District-wide workforce of approximately 1,200 through a variety of programs and services. They are responsible for administering personnel functions and providing assistance and guidance employees of the Park District including:

  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Benefits Administration
  • Classification/Compensation/Payroll
  • Performance Management
  • HR Compliance
  • Personnel Policy Research and Development
  • Employee Outreach and Recognition
  • Personnel File Maintenance
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Workers’ Compensation
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Finance and Personnel, Human Resources

StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
Gallina, Rosie Superintendent of Human Resources 847-506-7875 
Garcia, Edith HR Coordinator 224-795-5000 
Myers, Jason Director of Finance and Personnel 847-506-7878 
Quattrocchi, Tiffany Human Resources Benefits/HRIS Specialist 847-577-3008 
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