Letter From The President



Over the Summer, the Board of Commissioners worked with staff and Ron Vine and Associates to produce a survey to distribute to the residents of the Arlington Heights Park District.   The goal was to produce a “Resident Survey Report” with actionable findings for priority improvements to short and long-range Park District services for our residents.

I’m pleased to report that a statistically valid survey was administered to resident households in September and October of 2017. The goal was to receive a minimum of 700 surveys, including a statistically valid sampling of households in each of our 5 center neighborhoods. This goal was far exceeded. 1,193 surveys were completed, including a valid sampling of households in each of our 5 center neighborhoods.  There were 788 surveys completed by mail and 405 by web.

Below is a summary of what we heard from you:

Resident Action Priorities

  • Action Priority #1: Strengthen walking and biking paths options.
  • Action Priority #2: Upgrade Lake Arlington and renovate the Olympic Indoor Swim Center.
  • Action Priority #3: Develop additional recreation, fitness and cultural program space for aging adults.
  • Action Priority #4: While improvements to the community centers are important in their individual geographic areas, none of the community centers is as important on a Park District-wide basis as renovating the Olympic Indoor Swim Center or developing additional recreational, fitness, and cultural program space for active aging adults.
  • Action Priority #5: Focus on providing important services to residents of all age groups.
  • Action Priority #6: Marketing efforts should be driven by e-mail blasts and social media.
  • Action Priority #7: Consider developing an indoor sports training center.

You can find the entire report online at ahpd.org under the “About Us” section.

My fellow Commissioners and I will be working closely with staff to update the District’s strategic plan for the next 5 years.  We’ve already begun planning the renovation of the Olympic Indoor Swim Center with your input.  Learn more about this exciting renovation project online at ahpd.org.



Maryfran H. Leno
Park Board President
Arlington Heights Park District

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