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Make a Date to spend more time outdoors!

When was the last time you dipped your toe or waded in slow at an outdoor pool, or sat quietly in a park with a great summer book?
For most of us, it’s probably been longer than we can remember.   According to a National Kids Survey, children participate in outdoor nature based activities less frequently than many alternatives.
Using electronic media, including the internet and texting are some of the most common reasons for not spending time outside.

Television, video games, and computers contribute to children spending more than 7.5 hours a day in front of a screen.

And according to a PEW Research Center report, 85% of Americans aged 18-29 spend 4 hours per day on their phones.

This summer, we invite you to plan some time to disconnect with your devices to reconnect with fun.  Here are couple of ways you can make a date with the Arlington Heights Park District this summer:

  • Walking for pleasure is the most popular outdoor activity in Illinois.  Grab your walking shoes, your sunscreen, and a pal and head out to Lake Arlington, Sunset Meadows, Melas Park, Pioneer Community Center or Camelot Community to get your steps in rain or shine!
  • Plan a picnic at one of our picnic groves.  Some of our parks offer outdoor grilling areas and come summertime, lots of green grass to lie on your back and find shapes in the clouds.

Scientific evidence shows that direct exposure to nature is essential for emotional and physical health.  By making time for nature, you’ll notice immediate benefits, from boosting your senses, to your overall mood, simply by remembering to take time to smell the roses.

We hope to see you enjoying all that Summer in Arlington Heights has to offer.  


Maryfran H. Leno
Park Board President
Arlington Heights Park District

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