Letter From The President




Come 2020, our new recreation center at the corner of Euclid and Ridge Avenues will offer a variety of health and wellness options, accessible to all ages and abilities to stay physically, emotionally, and socially active indoors.

What can you expect from the exciting $17-million renovation and expansion of Olympic Indoor Swim Center? See inside to learn more.

The temperatures may drop during the winter, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop! There are lots of ways to stay active during the frigid temps in Arlington Heights. Winter brings fun outdoor fests, vibrant Historical Museum events, holiday themed activities, special celebrations, and more. We encourage you to start planning your winter escapades today. From honoring long-standing family traditions to creating new ones.

Don’t let the winter go by without trying a few of the following:

  • Go sledding or ice skating. Visit our website at www.ahpd.org for locations. Don’t forget the hot chocolate!
  • Gather your family and attend our Annual Tree Lighting and Holiday Light Display
  • Make snow angels or catch snowflakes on your tongue at one of our parks
  • Challenge your friends to a snowman-building contest
  • Take a walk outside or snowshoe when there is a soft snowfall

These activities are not only fun but they’ll prevent you from catching cabin-fever or the winter blues. Winter doesn’t have to coop you up inside. Grab your mittens, put on some warm layers, and trek around Arlington Heights this winter to enjoy all the elements that make winters here so magical.

Need more ideas? Check out the cool special events and new activities we’ve lined up for you.




Maryfran H. Leno
Park Board President
Arlington Heights Park District

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