Parks and Planning Divisions


The Parks Division has crews with daily maintenance responsibilities for parks, community centers, playgrounds, ball fields, and other facilities in those areas. This includes mowing, trash pickup and litter control, playground maintenance, fencing repair, picnic area maintenance, installation and repair of athletic equipment, field and court maintenance, and routine maintenance of bridges and pathways.

Fleet and Equipment Services

The Fleet and Equipment Services Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the entire fleet of more than 200 vehicles and equipment.

Custodial Services

The Custodial Services Division is responsible for the general care and maintenance of the Administration Center, five community centers, Arlington Ridge Center, and Hasbrook.

Buildings and Trades

Building and Trades Division staff handles minor construction projects, major maintenance projects, including large-scale, technical work involving trades such as carpentry, masonry, painting, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and welding. This division also manages swimming pool startup and close-down.

Park Planning

The Park Planning division provides the planning, engineering, design, landscaping, and construction management functions involved in all parks and recreation facilities including playgrounds, pathways, and tennis courts.

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