Finance and Personnel

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Finance and Personnel

StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
* Myers, Jason Director of Finance and Personnel 847-506-7878 
Anderson, Tiffany Membership Specialist 847-506-7137 
Eckel, Tim MIS Supervisor 847-506-7873 
Garcia, Edith HR Coordinator 224-795-5000 
Kantor, Barbara Payroll Specialist 847-506-7134 
Marjalaakso, Teemu MIS Technician 847-506-7874 
Phillips, Connie Registration Specialist 847-506-7138 
Quattrocchi, Tiffany Human Resources Benefits/HRIS Specialist 847-577-3008 
Siamis, Alli Human Resources & Safety Supervisor 847-506-7877 
Simonson, Patti Accounts Payable Specialist 847-506-7135 
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