Lasting Legacies - Eugene Berbecker


Eugene Nicholas Berbecker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Berbecker, was born in Chicago July 16, 1862. At the death of his mother when he was about one and a half years old, his father brought him to the home of Elijah Amasa Allen in Arlington Heights. The home was erected in 1859 as a farmhouse and was built by Elijah Allen. When Elijah died he left the home to Eugene Berbecker. Eugene married Lillian May Mead on June 25, 1885. They had two children, Ella Eugenia and Marjorie.

The Berbeckers were active members of the First Presbyterian church and Berbecker was an elected trustee of the church in 1899. In 1925, Berbecker was one of the first five Commissioners of the newly formed Arlington Heights Park District Board. He early engaged in business with his father under the firm name of Julius Berbecker & Sons. They were importers of surgical needles. Berbecker was an organizer of the Arlington Heights State Bank and served as its president for many years.

During the depression, Berbecker used his own money to try to save the bank.  Mr. Berbecker lived all his life in that same dwelling at 116 West Euclid Avenue, where he died Saturday February 11, 1933.


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Year Honored: 2019

Birth: 1862 – 1933

Born In: Chicago, IL

Achievements: 1st AHPD Commissioner, President of AH State Bank

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