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Arlington Heights Park District Building

ARC Membership FAQ

What are ARC’s hours?

Monday–Thursday: 5:30AM-9PM
Friday: 5:30AM-8PM
Saturday: 5:30AM-7PM
Sunday: 6:30AM-7PM

Closed on major Holidays: Easter, 4th of July and Christmas

Modified facility hours on: Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day

Annual facility shutdown takes place in August, prior to the close of the outdoor pools. During this time part or all of the building may be closed to accommodate cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.

Are there daily fees?

Yes, if you do not hold a membership. Open Gym $5R/$10NR, Open Swim $9R/$13NR, Fitness Center $12R/$18NR, Group Fitness/Water Exercise Class $10.

Who qualifies for the senior rate?

Individuals and Couples 65 and older. The senior rate is not available for the Family Pass options. *Both members must be over 65

Is the track and open gym free?

There is a BasicPass membership that just includes the open gym and track use for available for as low as $30 for the year. Our SplashPass, FitPass, or PlusPass membership includes track and open gym use at ARC. A daily fee is also available.

Is pickleball included in any of the memberships?

Yes. Pickleball is included in the SplashPass, FitPass, and PlusPass. During the winter we also offer a PicklePass which is valid November 1 – April 30. The PicklePass is $120 R/$180 NR, the membership will be prorated based on the date you sign up for the rest of the season.

Can I bring a guest?

Absolutely! Your guest would just be required to pay the daily fee for whatever activities they will be participating in.

Is there an additional fee for the fitness and water exercise classes?

Depends. Fitness classes run through the ARC are included in the price of the FitPass and PlusPass. Water exercise classes are included in the price of the SplashPass and PlusPass. If you want to take water exercise class and only have a FitPass you will need to play the daily fee. If you want to take a group exercise class and only have a SplashPass you will need to pay the daily fee. All classes require pre-registration to ensure we have enough equipment, prevent overcrowding and allow ample space for movement.

Do you offer personal training? Is it included in my membership?

We currently offer individual and partner training with our certified trainers. A consultation with a trainer is required prior to booking your training sessions. These sessions are an additional fee to your FitPass or PlusPass.

My child is under 14, does that mean they can’t use fitness center?

Children 11-13 can use the fitness center with their parents’ supervision after they both attend a Youth Fitness Orientation with one of our instructors. Orientation is by reservation and spots do fill up quickly. We also offer specialized youth group fitness classes.

I’m going on vacation, what happens to my membership?

Members who choose to pay in full at the time they sign up are able to freeze their membership for up to 3 months (full calendar months only) in a membership period. The time the membership is frozen will be added on to the end of their membership. Freeze requests must be received by noon on the 25th of the month prior to the start of the freeze. We cannot unfreeze a membership early if your plans change. Unfortunately, we cannot freeze memberships that are paid monthly.

Can I change my membership?

We understand your membership needs may change. We allow one modification within a 12-month period.

Can I cancel my membership?

ARC memberships are a 12-month commitment, this applies to all membership types and all payment options. Membership cancellations must be received by noon on the 25th of the month and will be effective for the following month. A refund will be granted to any pass holder if requested within 30 days of purchase. The first month of the pass will be deducted from that refund. A refund beyond 30 days will only be granted with a written medical excuse and will be prorated from the date of request, beyond 30 days of purchase.

Do you accept SilverSneaker?

At this time we are not a participating location for the SilverSneakers Medicare program.

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