Outdoor Rentals

The Park District has over 50 parks that may be reserved for outdoor events. If you would like to reserve a space, please click on one of the below facilities for specific information or use our Facility locator to search for parks not listed below. 
Renters must comply with all current Park District, regional, and federal Covid-19 guidelines. Currently, outdoor gatherings are limited to groups of 50 people

Popular Parks and Amenities

Below is a grid of frequently rented parks and popular features. For more information about a park and a full list of features, you may click on the name to view the park's webpage. To search all parks for a particular feature, click here for our Park and Facility locator. Please list all features you are interested in reserving on your rental application. Some park features, like playgrounds and walking paths, may not be reserved for exclusive use.

We do not have electrical or water access available at any parks or pavilions.

A note on washroom facilities: Indoor rest rooms are only accessible at parks with buildings during building program hours. Port-o-let units are available at locations with athletic fields during sports seasons. You may reserve additional port-o-let units through the Park District for a fee. For some events, the Park District may require renters to reserve additional units.

Park grilling pavilion playground restrooms volleyball Contact
Camelot* X seats 40 X indoor*, portolet X kkeister@ahpd.org
Frontier* X seats 40 X indoor*, portolet   cboyle@ahpd.org
Hickory Meadows X seats 40   none   cboyle@ahpd.org
North School Park     X none   cboyle@ahpd.org
Pioneer* X   X indoor*, portolet   kwollnik@ahpd.org
Recreation X   X indoor*, portolet   nwirth@ahpd.org
Sunset Meadows X seats 40 X indoor   cboyle@ahpd.org
All other parks           cboyle@ahpd.org

* Indoor washrooms only available during building hours.


To reserve tennis courts, garden plots, outdoor pools, or boats and boat storage space, please contact the following facilities.



Gas and charcoal grilling is only allowed on grill pads at the following parks: Camelot Park, Centennial Park, Frontier Park, Hickory Meadows, Patriots Park, Pioneer Park, Recreation Park, and Sunset Meadows Park.

  • Grilling is allowed May 1st through November 1st.
  • Grilling may begin at 9am and must be cleaned up by 8pm.
  • Users must supply their own grill and necessary supplies.
  • Grilling must take place on the concrete or asphalt grill pad.
  • Grill contents must be completely extinguished, cooled, and placed in the provided container.
  • Proper care must be taken to ensure the safety of all park users.
  • All incidents regarding grilling will be the responsibility of the grilling party.


Fees vary depending on the scope of the event and the renter's residency status.

  • There is an additional fee of $20.00 per hour, per staff member, for events that require additional staff.
  • Permits that require a Certificate of Additional Insurance or the approval of a Director or the Board of Commissioners will be assessed an additional $25 Special Event Fee.
  • The 2022 fee for one additional standard port-o-let unit is $125.00.


Park/ Greenspace (per day) Small (0-39 people) Medium (40-75 people) Large 75+ people
Resident $35 $55 $105
Non-resident $65 $105 $205
Commercial $95 $155 $305


Picnic Shelter (per day) Small (0-39 people) Medium (40-75 people)
Resident $50 $75
Non-resident $80 $125
Commercial $110 $175



Rental Application and Instructions


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