Lasting Legacies


Kevin Kendrigan, born February 23, 1946, in Chicago was a visionary leader; he saw the world in a better light and took steps to make it even brighter.  Kevin was Founder of the Northwest Special Recreation Association & Special Leisure Services Foundation and he was Executive Director of NWSRA from 1974 – 2004.

Kevin ensured equal access and inclusion of recreation for those with disabilities. He strived for this assurance at local, state and national levels. He was also a key part in the formation of the Special Olympics Illinois.

Kevin Kendrigan passed away June 28, 2004, his vision was very clear and his endeavors will forever continue to benefit the community he helped foster.

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Year Honored: 2019

Birth: 1946 – 2004

Born In: Chicago, IL

Achievements: NWSRA Founder & E.D., Formed Special Olympics of IL

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