Rent a Garden Plot


Enthusiastic gardeners may rent a garden plot from the Park District. Gardens open for cultivation in early May - the exact date is weather-dependent - and close in late October.

Plot rentals are open to residents and non-residents, and gardeners may reserve one garden plot per household. Plots are plowed, staked, and numbered.

  • Frontier Park Gardens
    • plots are approximately 24’ x 25’.
    • 2021 fees are $48.00 for residents and $72.00 for non-residents. 
  • Forest View Gardens
    • plots are approximately 15’ x 15’
    • 2021 fees are $28.00 for residents and $42.00 for non-residents. 

Open registration begins in early to mid-March, and space is limited. Please contact Cari Boyle, Recreation Supervisor, for registration information.


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