Rent a Garden Plot


Enthusiastic gardeners without a plot of their own can rent one from the Park District.

With the closure of the majority of Arlington Heights Park District facilities, registration is only being accepted on-line. We will do our best to assign gardeners from last year their same plot for this season. New gardeners will be assigned their plot for the season. Once registered, gardening information will be emailed out.

The gardens will open for the season on Saturday, May 23, 2020 and gardeners must have their items out of the garden plots by Monday, October 26, 2020.

Garden Plots are open May 23rd to October 26th.  In order to assist with social distancing, a rotating schedule has been set-up on a weekly basis.  We ask that you follow the schedule in order to assist in spacing, and help limit the number of gardeners working at the same time.

*Proof of residency and the fee are required to register for a garden plot. One plot per family. Plots are plowed, staked, and numbered.

Register for Frontier Park Gardens

Plots are approximately 24’ x 25’

  • Please contact Cari Boyle for registration information.
Register for Forest View Gardens

Plots are approximately 15’ x 15’

Registration began on Saturday, April 4th.  

  • Please contact Cari Boyle for registration information.


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